A Blog for Chicken Wrangler Sara

This past weekend, we were asked to puppy sit. Since there are six dogs living here regularly, one more doesn’t seem too unreasonable.  This, however, is a special puppy.

His name is Ranger and he was found with his mom out in the country.  Several people tried for over a week to take them in with no success. Eventually a car hit the mother and the puppy found his way to our friend’s house where other dogs corned him. 

Deborah rescued him and brought him into her home. He was very, very skinny and very scared.  He would not come near humans except to get food.  She began to look for a forever home for the puppy since her house had its limit of dogs.  She found the perfect family and made arrangements to deliver him after an early family Thanksgiving celebration this weekend.  Ranger spent a couple of nights on Miller Farm while Deborah was with her family.

When he first arrived, he hid under the shed.  I let the dogs out one at a time and watched to make sure everyone would get along.  Penelope became Ranger’s best friend.  She patiently waited by the shed and woofed at him to encourage him to come out. He did finally come out and began to play with her. It was rewarding to watch them.  Penelope was able to draw Ranger out of his fear and convince him to run and play.

When he came inside, Ranger was less fearful and allowed Beekeeper Brian to pet him. By the afternoon, Ranger was exhausted and fell asleep in the middle of the room with Tucker close by.

Ranger’s forever family has also suffered trauma.  The father was killed in a home invasion in October.  There are six children – two married, two at college and two at home. Deborah sent a picture of Ranger with his new mom. Ranger already seems at home. The youngest son is really struggling.  I imagine he and Ranger will become best friends.