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Christmas is a busy time for everyone but I honestly believe music teachers are particularly busy.  Music is an integral part of the season so concerts and programs start the day after Thanksgiving.

The newly formed choir at the school where I teach sang Christmas carols at a retirement home this week.  This was their first performance and the students did an outstanding job.  It was good practice for next week when they will be leading out in caroling in the school neighborhood.

One of the older gentlemen in the neighborhood frequently substitutes for teachers at our school.  He volunteered last year to arrange for us to carol at specific houses, guaranteeing a good response.  It went so well that this year we are dividing into two groups and going to twice as many houses.  Mr. Kipp was excited to be able to help again.

On the day of the choir’s field trip, he came to the school to show me which houses would welcome carolers.  I was pretty tired and had no desire to think about the next performance.  I could tell he was determined so I walked the neighborhood with him while he told me about the houses.

At one house he told me there was an older lady who lived alone so we needed to sing extra songs for her.  Another house had declined the offer and another was vacant. He called out to a man in his yard to remind him we would be back next week to sing.  In the end, we had mapped out what would be a successful evening of caroling.

As I thought about it the next morning, I remembered Mr. Kipp’s wife died this past year.  He lives alone in his house and really loves being involved at the school.  This was not just another Christmas performance for him.  It was an opportunity to talk to his neighbors and bring them the joy of children singing.

I was reminded that one of the privileges of being a music teacher is spreading the joy of Christmas. Now to remember that during the next two weeks of performances.