A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Having dachshunds and chickens in the same yard can create some interesting challenges especially when the chickens get on the wrong side of the fence. There is nothing like a rousing game of “catch the dachshund before it catches the chicken” to get your heart pumping!

Sometimes the situation is reversed – a dachshund gets in the chicken yard. If it is Bella there is squawking and flapping galore. She has been known to take out a chicken in under a minute.

Max, on the other hand is not much of a threat to anyone, least of all chickens.  In fact he has run away from them when they are on his side of the fence.

Yesterday I looked up from gathering eggs to find Max in the chicken yard. He was just sniffing around and the chickens hadn’t even noticed him.  I picked him up and put him back on his side of the fence where he belongs.An hour later I looked out the kitchen window to see Max back in the chicken yard.

Rachel found where he was getting in and sealed it for now.  Silly dog – chicken yards are for chickens!