Nativity Scenes

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I began collecting nativity scenes before the birth of our first child, Catherine. Beekeeper Brian was selling pens at craft fair booth and traded a pen for a wooden nativity set.  We thought it would be something our child could safely enjoy.  I also made a cloth set which has since gone to live with Catherine.

Our collection includes a plaster of Paris piece which I painted at a vacation Bible School when I was in elementary school and another clay set Matthew made in junior high.

The one I brought back from our time in Mexico is painted tin and very light weight.  As such, it tends to fall over and last year I didn’t set it out.  This year I hadn’t made a decision about it but the grandmother of a piano student from Mexico saw it and lovingly bent each piece so it would stand upright.And they are still standing.

Each time I walk past the coffee table, I remember her kneeling and arranging each piece of the nativity.  It is amazing to think that the birth of a child so many years ago still has an impact on people today.