Hardest Question of the Day – Miller Farm Friday

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ThinkingThe Miller Farm reached a milestone this summer – we now have 5 drivers and 5 cars which would be fine if we actually lived on a farm with lots of room.  We actually live on a busy street in the middle of town.  There were many mornings this summer when everyone was home that we played “musical cars.” 

Fortunately for the neighbors, unfortunately for the parents, the whole family is seldom at home simultaneously.

Our oldest daughter’s car, named Pepe, started having problems.  We sent her back to school with a more reliable car and planned to get hers fixed. 

I didn’t mind driving Pepe, even if it meant coaxing Pepe into starting at times.  It did make trips to the grocery store a little challenging.  I usually park in the same spot each Monday when I shop. 

One week, however, someone was in my spot.  Apparently they didn’t get the memo. 

Anyway, I was in Pepe and in a different spot, which meant I had to remember where I parked the car.  That’s pretty much the hardest question of every day for me.

I texted my husband and told him if I wasn’t home in two hours to send out a search party.

Pepe finally reached a point where he needed mechanical attention.  We took him to our friend to do the work and our friend loaned us a car to use.  This family has small children and seeing the doll shoe in the back seat and the waffle fry on the floor reminds me of days long gone. 

I took this borrowed car to the feed store today to get quail food.  The procedure at the feed store is to go inside to the counter and place your order.  The order is sent to the warehouse and then brought to your car. 

The clerk at the counter always asks “What are you driving today?”  Another hard question for me to answer some days. I was very proud of myself for being able to answer that question correctly the first time.

I’ve seen advertisements for computer programs that are basically brain puzzles.  They are supposed to exercise your brain and improve your memory.  I ‘ve decided my brain gets enough exercise just living day to day on Miller Farm.