4 06, 2021

They’re Back!

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A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I was stopped on my way to work last week by one of my coworkers from the district office.  She asked if I had chickens.

Being accustomed to totally random questions, I said yes, what do you need?  She had seen the chickens in the coop in the courtyard and was quite concerned for their safety.  She had them moved temporarily to her sister’s house and was wondering if there was a long-term plan.

I explained the goal of having them live on campus so the students could interact with them regularly.  I also acknowledged that this was a little more complicated than the principal first realized and assured her I would provide a long-term home if necessary.  They had already spent a weekend on Miller Farm and had a standing reservation.

She called me Friday as I was driving home from Beekeeper Brian’s retirement celebration.  It seems her sister was hosting a graduation party that evening and the chickens were not invited.  She asked if I could move them.

I had taken the whole day off work and was hoping to get a nap, but I agreed to unload my car, grab the chicken travel cage, and go to her sister’s house.

When I arrived, I discovered they were free-ranging in the backyard.  Fortunately, it was a fairly small area, and I was able to catch them all within a short time.  I loaded them into my car and headed back to Miller Farm.

All in a day’s work for a Chicken Wrangler.

31 03, 2018

Chickens in the News

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A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

There have been a couple of articles about chickens in the newspaper lately.

One of them talked about free range chickens in Bastrop, Texas.  Apparently the free range chickens belong to a chicken sanctuary which has done such a good job protecting them, the population has exploded.  The city is working with a local zoo to provide a new home for the birds.

I’m just glad we don’t live closer.  Our home tends to collect roaming animals and we are about full.

Another article talked about the popularity of raising backyard chickens.  It is becoming a status symbol in California.

We have been keeping chickens for almost 10 years.  I guess Miller Farm is just ahead of its time.

29 07, 2016

Free Range Chickens

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A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Olivia’s chicks have grown up quite nicely. I went to close them up one night and Olivia was not with them. She had gone back to the big coop.  I guess in the chicken world, it is the mom who flies the coop.

Anyway, they are spending more time out with the big chickens.  That is when they are not next door.  They are still small enough to fit through the fence and are often tempted by the grass in the neighbor’s yard.  I  see them all wandering around next door.free range chickens

It reminds me of a commercial:

So far the chicks return to their home coop each night.  I suppose they will eventually get too big to fit through the gate.

I just hope they are on our side when that happens. Our neighbors love watching the chickens, but I’m not sure they want to have any of their own.

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