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Olivia’s chicks have grown up quite nicely. I went to close them up one night and Olivia was not with them. She had gone back to the big coop.  I guess in the chicken world, it is the mom who flies the coop.

Anyway, they are spending more time out with the big chickens.  That is when they are not next door.  They are still small enough to fit through the fence and are often tempted by the grass in the neighbor’s yard.  I  see them all wandering around next door.free range chickens

It reminds me of a commercial:

So far the chicks return to their home coop each night.  I suppose they will eventually get too big to fit through the gate.

I just hope they are on our side when that happens. Our neighbors love watching the chickens, but I’m not sure they want to have any of their own.