Five Little Ducks

14 08, 2015

Five Little Ducks

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By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

sceneryOne morning while in Colorado, I went fishing with Brian and my father. Actually I didn’t fish. I took a book and soaked in the scenery.

I was joined at one point by a chipmunk- not something we have a lot of in Texas.chipmunk

Then I spotted a momma duck and her babies. I watched as they walked into the water and swam among the plants. I even saw the momma duck put her head in the water and tail in the air.

There is a children’s chant about that:

“See the little ducklings swimming here and there; Heads down in the water tails up in the air.”

Soon they headed out across the lake – momma and the four little ducklings close by.ducks(I couldn’t get all four ducks in the picture. Just like family photos when the kids were young – someone didn’t cooperate.)

That too reminded me of a song. I sent the picture to Catherine, our daughter, who is in music school. She also thought of the song. I’ve trained her well  She has heard the song and seen the book from the time she was born.bkIt is one of my favorites and in fact my copy is falling apart. Perhaps I need to invest in a library edition.

In all it was a pleasant morning. I could think about my job without having to do it and smile.

30 11, 2012

Missing Books and Memories: Miller Farm Friday

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Before the school year started, I alphabetized my books in my classroom to make it easier to find what I wanted for each class. 

 Imagine my consternation when I went to pull “Six Little Ducks” and it was not nestled right next to “Silent Night” in the “s” section. I thought perhaps I had loaned it out and would need to track it down. 

I chose another duck book, “Little White Duck,” and went on with my teaching.

Well yesterday, I wanted to read “Ten Little Indians.” It was time to start my Thanksgiving songs. It was also missing! 

My first thought was “Now I’ve lost six little ducks and ten little Indians and the craziness of the holiday season has not even began. Not a good sign!”

I had to walk away from the bookshelf to collect myself. 

Upon returning and carefully searching through the entire alphabet of books, I discovered that “Ten Little Indians” was actually titled “One Little Indian.” 

 Silly me.

 Very relieved, I looked once again for “Six Little Ducks.” 

 I discovered the title of that book is actually “Five Little Ducks,” and it was right shelved right where it was supposed to be – after “Fire Truck.” 

I slept much better last night knowing that every book and everything was in their proper spot. 

Including the black hen in the chicken yard who apparently still has flashbacks to the possum episode and tries to sleep on top of the quail cage.

Have a great weekend.

Before anyone gets excited over CW (Chicken Wrangler) Sara using Ten Little Indians to kickstart Thanksgiving, I have to tell you that she grew up where Mama (me) made sure the “real” Thanksgiving celebration wasn’t forgotten.

(Image from:

The first Thanksgiving feast was to thank the Indians for their contribution to the Pilgrims’ survival.

To reinforce the concept, I wore an Indian squaw dress custom-made for me by an Apache seamstress on the White River Arizona Reservation.

I’m sure CW Sara told her young students all about a Mama’s custom.

I do wonder if she tells her classes about how I embellished the Five Little Duck story by having the Mama Duck (NOT the Daddy Duck) call the duckies back in the song’s punch line.

I’d tell her and her siblings that disobedience to Mama Duck meant the five little duckies might not have a happy ending.

On second thought, CW Sara probably doesn’t tell that story. That would be like the black hen’s flashbacks of the possum episode—recalling unpleasant memories.


Any Thanksgiving traditions?

Or unpleasant possum memories?

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