By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

sceneryOne morning while in Colorado, I went fishing with Brian and my father. Actually I didn’t fish. I took a book and soaked in the scenery.

I was joined at one point by a chipmunk- not something we have a lot of in Texas.chipmunk

Then I spotted a momma duck and her babies. I watched as they walked into the water and swam among the plants. I even saw the momma duck put her head in the water and tail in the air.

There is a children’s chant about that:

“See the little ducklings swimming here and there; Heads down in the water tails up in the air.”

Soon they headed out across the lake – momma and the four little ducklings close by.ducks(I couldn’t get all four ducks in the picture. Just like family photos when the kids were young – someone didn’t cooperate.)

That too reminded me of a song. I sent the picture to Catherine, our daughter, who is in music school. She also thought of the song. I’ve trained her well  She has heard the song and seen the book from the time she was born.bkIt is one of my favorites and in fact my copy is falling apart. Perhaps I need to invest in a library edition.

In all it was a pleasant morning. I could think about my job without having to do it and smile.