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Primal Branding your Author Brand – Conclusions

Brand is both a noun and a verb. The verb suggests you do something to be branded. Once you publish a book, a writer is automatically branded, but branding is a fluid, ongoing process. The techniques of primal branding… Read More


Your Name’s on the Book Cover. What Does it Mean? Author Branding Part 1

Nothing is more exciting than seeing your name on the cover of a book you’ve written. You’ve devoted hours and hours to the creation of your “baby.” Holding that book in your hand or seeing the listing on… Read More


Writer Branding Iron Symbols – What’s Yours?

Today I’m on the porch thinking on the idea of brand. Probably too long-winded, but then it’s a lovely spring day to sit and chat. Being a Texan naturally the first image of a brand that pops into… Read More