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1 02, 2016

Love You Forever, a Book Review

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Book reviews are subjective because our feelings about a book are very personal. Two people can read the exact same book. One will love it. The other totally dislike it.

Will a book review influence either to change their opinion? Probably not. Some readers ignore reviews altogether. Still book reviews are important and worth taking the time to write, if not for yourself, for the author.

That’s why I’m sharing my review of Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. bookI love this picture book. It’s well written and beautifully illustrated. It’s not a new book. The original publication date is 1986, but it has a timeless theme – love. My favorite topic for February blogs.

The story begins with a mother holding her newborn and softly singing:

love forever1I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.



The little boy grows and he does all the things little boys do. (Check out the cover if you can’t remember what little boys can do.)

He drives her crazy, she wants to sell him to the zoo, but at night, she rocks him and sings the song – even when he is way too big and too old to be rocked.

Then life happens.  He moves out. The mother gets older and older. The words of the song change:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living my Mommy you’ll be.

That’s not the end of the story. I won’t give away what happens next except to say that Love You Forever crosses all generations.

The story and its message of enduring love have an extra-special place in my heart because my son gave the book to me years ago when he was in one of those drive me crazy stages of our relationship.

I’ll always cherish my copy. And him.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, consider Love You Forever.

7 04, 2014

Reader Book Reviews – An Author’s Conundrum

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writerI’m a writer.

I’m a reader.

Frankly, I’m not sure you can be one without the other.

When I finish reading a book, I write a review. Why do I take the time and go to all the trouble?

The popularity of eReaders combined with the ease of independent epublishing has generated a flooded marketplace of book choices.

That ocean of available works is so huge knowing which book to select is difficult and book-buying budgets are often limited.

Personally, I check reviews before I purchase a book. Consequently when I read a good one, I want to share the news.

As an author I also recognize that reviews posted on eRetailers like Amazon or Barnes & Noble or iBooks are critical for sales whether you’re a new or established author.

Yes, I know there are authors who defraud the on-line review systems and reviewers who use their power to target and destroy. Thank goodness, those types are in the minority.

I’m not saying don’t post a bad review if you don’t like a selection. Most authors welcome an honest evaluation of their work if it’s in the form of constructive criticism, not trashing.

Finding reviewers to post reviews presents a major conundrum for authors.

The validity of a review by family and friends can be questioned. Think about it are you going to tell the world Uncle Joe wrote a terrible book?

That’s why on-line retailers build checks and balances into their systems.

Within the publishing industry, there are review writing services — professional reviewers who are paid to write book or movie reviews. Those services can be very expensive.

Small publishing houses and indie authors can’t afford to use those services instead they rely on readers spreading the news.

I’m not exactly sure why coaxing a reader to write a review is so hard.  Maybe it brings back painful memories of those dreaded book reports we had to do when we were in school.

Whatever the reason readers don’t write reviews, I wish more understood reviews help an author and the process to post a review is easy. Reviews don’t have to be lengthy or formal.

Next time you finish a book, can I suggest you post a review.


Should you want to give writing reviews a try, contact me  I’ll be delighted to send an ARC (pre-publication) copy of my next release or a book from my bookshelf list

as long as

you promise to post an honest review and include a statement that I provided a complimentary copy of the book for you to review.