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Bye, bye 2013!

2013 is gone. 2014 is six days old. A new year signals the time for goals, resolutions, and predictions. I’m a goal setter. Last year I shared a blog about how I set my yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily …


After Friday’s darkness Monday’s Motivation

How do we find motivation after Friday’s act of darkness? I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time. Bob Mayer’s FB status on Friday suggested: “Just mourn. No politics, agendas, rants. Losing a child is an …


AAR on KL’s BtoB class

Today’s word in case you’re unsure from the title – AAR What the heck is an AAR? You’re probably wondering — especially if you have no military background. At the conclusion of every mission employed, an AAR, AFTER …