Back in the good old days when funds were limited and payday came once a month, I did meal planning. It was the best way to be sure our little family of five would have good meals for the month.

Eating out, even fast food, was not an option. Not enough money and who in their right mind takes three children under five out to eat? Not this momma. At least not until the two youngest could feed themselves.

I started meal planning again when we lived in the remote area of the Rio Grande National Forest. The nearest chain market was an hour away. The local tourist market was way too limited in what was available and far too expensive, in most cases, for what I needed.

Back in Texas, availability is not a problem. We do live five miles from the nearest grocery store, but that’s a piece of cake after living in the Colorado forest. If I venture out during the going-home hour, there’s a ton of traffic and a mob scene at the market – a big hassle, so I avoid that time frame whenever  possible.

I try to make sure I plan our meals for leftovers to freeze. Easy enough to do when, with just the two of us, I can cook big once and guarantee leftovers for future quick meals another day.

Tuesday Taco is one of our favorite menu days.

Recently, I took leftover chalupa from the freezer to serve in our taco shells. Turned out what I thought was chalupa was chili.

The menu plan went quickly from Tuesday tacos to Frito pie!

Doesn’t rhyme as well, but it was just as tasty.

Flexibility, it’s the key to happy meal planning.