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One of my favorite things about visiting my parents in Colorado is the beautiful sunrises. Since I get up and walk the dogs with my mom, I get to enjoy it every morning that we are there. This was the last morning we were there this summer.


Since I get up to swim and let the chickens out, I get to enjoy the sunrise on Miller farm also.  This past week was particularly beautiful.  In fact, I would say it is as pretty as Colorado.  After all it is the same sun.


I was reminded of a journal entry from our time in Mexico City. It is dated 9-10-1997:

“Our bathroom has double doors with obscure glass windows. Catherine had her nose pressed against it the other night and was exclaiming ‘how pretty.’  As I looked at the black and green mosaic tile with bright blue and red paint, I could think of many other words to describe it.  Yet Catherine was right – the light reflecting through the kaleidoscope-type glass was pretty.  O Lord may I never fail to see the beauty in life.”

As we begin the Thanksgiving season, I plan to look for beauty all around me. I know it is there.