The lazy days of summer officially arrived this week. We’re looking at late sunsets, short nights, and hot days.

The official start depends on whether you’re speaking about the meteorological or astronomical definition for the season. Meteorologists classify June 1 to August 31 summer. Astronomers base their start on the position of the sun and moon.

In Texas, summer didn’t wait until the sun rose directly above the heel stone at Stonehenge (the official astronomical start of the summer season).


Mother Nature didn’t pay any attention to meteorology or astronomy in Texas this year. She had her own schedule and intensity. Freezing winter, wetter than normal Spring, and hellfire summer days starting well before the summer solstice.

Texans missed out on the fun of the longest day of the year sequestered in their houses with blinds drawn, AC pumped high, fans roaring and a tall glass of iced tea to block the triple-digit heat outside.

And there’s still July, August, and September to get through! The traditional hot-as-hell months in the Lone Star state.

But Midsummer Day is arriving this week (June 24).

From ancient times, Celts marked the day with celebrations. Churches celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. What the day represents for me is farmers are halfway between planting and harvest. Cooler days of fall will come.

I am so ready.

Until then, everyone stay cool.