by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara

I looked out the window last week and discovered one of the chickens on top of the shed.

onThis was a new trick so I snapped a picture from the back patio. Then I cautiously walked to the coop to try to coax the bird down on the correct side of the fence.

offFortunately I was successful.

Later in the week I discovered the same bird in the yard next door. She was enjoying the lush, green grass.

I thought about retrieving her but that meant walking all the way around the front of the house and through the neighbor’s gate.Or I could jump the fence.

I decided to go inside and pretend I didn’t see anything.

I told Beekeeper Brian we had a wandering chicken. He assured me she would return at nightfall. He also suggested I clip her wings when she did.

Sure enough, when I went to close up the chickens, there she was. I clipped her wings, much to her dismay. When I left, she was trying to fly up to the top of the nest boxes to roost. She has remained on the ground in her chicken yard since then.

Now the gray bantam, however…..