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Several classes at my new school hatched chicks recently. It has been fun to check on them especially during the stress of the last weeks of school.  I think “chick therapy” is a great thing.

This morning the 2nd grade teacher told me she had found homes for all but three of the chicks.  Being a Chicken Wrangler, I felt compelled to wrangle them to our house. When I went to pick them up, there were actually four that needed a home.I figure since these chicks were hatched at a school, they should be smarter than the average chicks.  My only question is will the ones hatched in the 6th grade class be smarter?


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  1. Lucky you. I try to stay away from the feed store in the spring. They put those tubs of baby chickens right at the door to tempt me. I could take them home to cuddle and hey, how much trouble could it be to put those little darlings in the kitchen where I used to cook. Somehow, after reading your blog I’m afraid there might be more to raising fluffy little sweet things than that.

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