A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Winters in Texas are not particularly harsh. In fact if the temperature drops below 50, we are getting out our winter coats. The problem is that when it is 50 and raining, it feels really cold.  This was the case for several days during the Christmas break.

We have four roosters that have been put into separate runs to prevent them from terrorizing the hens.  The runs were built for the bantams that Rachel had for a while so the coops are a little small for these big roosters.  This meant they were left out in the cold rain.

I started to feel sorry for them so I went outside in the cold rain and put a tarp over the runs. I even secured it to the fence with zip ties so it would not blow away.

Then I came inside to warm up and dry off. I figured that after I left, they would huddle under the tarp to stay dry.

I was wrong. They remained in the opposite end of the run, getting wet. It made me think of the saying “they don’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain.”

I give up on those silly roosters. I have more sense than to go out in the rain to coax them under the tarp.