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Last week was rough on Miller farm. It started with the death of one of our roosters.

While this is unfortunate, it was not terribly upsetting. None of the current roosters have names and I am not attached to them.

Then we lost three of the chicks that were in the brooder.  This was a little concerning.

After consulting with Rachel, the chicks have been relocated and are now receiving high protein pellets.  That’s a blog for another Friday.

Chicken Wrangler Sara and Lili, judythemorgan.comThen my beloved Lily died.

She is the hen who let me hug her every morning for a while.

I’m not sure whether it was age, heat, or simply 2020 that caused her death.

I am sad and I will miss her, but there is still much life on Miller Farm.

Lili chicken, judythemorgan.com

RIP Lily