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A friend of mine recently found herself in possession of a set of rooster dishes. She immediately thought of me and called to see if I was interested.

We still have most of the set of stoneware we received for wedding gifts along with two sets of Talavera we purchased in Mexico. But none of these have roosters on them so I had to at least take a look.

I am so glad I did – they are wonderful!

They were packed in plastics bags and labelled with a Sharpie.  As I unpacked the bags, I made an interesting discovery.  The bag marked “salad plates” contained larger plates than the one marked “dessert plates.”

Here is a picture of the dinner plate, salad plate and dessert plate stacked for comparison: In researching the dishes I discovered they are Poppytrail Red Rooster manufactured by Metlox probably in the 1940’s.

I should have known they were from a different time period.  Today our dessert plates are much bigger than salad plates, if there is a distinction at all.

I have packed up the Talavera (it wasn’t dishwasher or microwave safe) and replaced it with the rooster dishes.  While they say they are dishwasher safe, there is no indication about microwaves – probably since they weren’t in use yet.

I hope having the different sized plates will encourage me to eat more salad and less dessert.