Remember writing book reports?

I loved writing book reports when I was in school. Still do after a fashion.

Voracious reader that I am, I love to tell others about great books I read. So I’m constantly giving oral book reports in the form of “Have you read such and such?”

I also post reviews for the books I really, really love on review sites and at e-retailers.

That’s so important. All reviews help author sales. It doesn’t matter whether the review is good or bad.

People often say they don’t know how to write a review. It really isn’t difficult. A review doesn’t have to be long or detailed like those book reports for school. Even a sentence or two can convey whether you liked a book or didn’t.

Here are some suggestions:

“This story was well-told. I fell in love with the hero on page 2.”

“Always pleased with stories by this author.”

“Predictable, but still a good read.”

“So disappointed. Not up to her/his usual standard.”

If you’re still nervous about the actually posting a review on Amazon. Check out this video I found by Douglas Goldstein. It demonstrates exactly how to post a review for a book.


7 Comments on “Remember writing book reports?

  1. I am so Charlie Brown at the beginning, then I’m definitely Schroeder once I get rolling with the exception that I tend to stay on topic, lol. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a singer so…I’ll let you guys handle that part ;-).

  2. Heh. I’ll sing Charlie Brown’s part, thanks. It’s a wonder I get anything done!

  3. Maybe we should get together for a rousing chorus of “Gotta Write My Next Blog Post.” After all, don’t we use some of these strategies?

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