A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

For as long as I can remember, things of utmost importance have been put on the refrigerator. Artwork took a prominent place on the fridge. In fact, making refrigerator magnets out of felt was a common art project when I was growing up. I continued the tradition with our own kids.

As our children grew up, the fridge became a place to put things I did not want to lose. For example, the phone number for the exterminator, a school calendar, or appointment cards. I suppose it functions as a physical PDA (personal digital assistant). Most people keep all this information on their phones. It is much easier for me to keep track of my refrigerator.

I was looking at our refrigerator this week.I noticed the graduation announcement, the prayer cards for missionaries, the magnet of my favorite comedian, an encouraging card, favorite scriptures, a world map, and my blue ribbon from the State Fair of Texas, all things that make me smile.

The most recent addition is the artwork by Alex. His mom has an abundance of projects he has made in preschool and she offered to share. We chose the bluebonnets and the rainbow tree.

Once again, our fridge has artwork on it and that brings the biggest smile.