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I developed a great system for feeding the ducks who, by the way, eat cat food. During the day if I threw it out, the chickens would eat it.  If I waited until the sun went down and the chickens were in the coop, I could throw cat food to the ducks and they could eat in peace.

This plan resulted in soft quacking every evening to remind me it was dinnertime. Male ducks have quiet quacks so the noise is soft which is nice.

All our ducks are male and unfortunately could not tell the difference between a duck and a chicken.  This is not so nice for our chickens.

We had to pen the ducks up away from the chickens and look for a new home.  After several weeks, a man who lives out in the country came and picked up the ducks to put in his pond.  His pond was full of weeds and he needed someone to eat them.  Enter the ducks!

I was sad at first because it was so quiet at night.  Then we got this picture:This is so much better than the kiddy pool we used for them.  All the ducks can swim at the same time.

Now when it is quiet, I think of this picture, and smile.