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I have had to accept the fact that part of living on a farm is living with rodents. The rat population varies from season to season.  We do what we can to keep it under control.  We’ve put traps in the garage and poison in the shed.

The rats like to share the chicken feed and the hens and roosters tend to be pretty selfish.  We also don’t need to feed any free loading animals.

I have also had to accept the fact that dachshunds catch and kill small animals.  They are not particular as to which small animals making the chickens on the wrong side of the fence fair game.  This is unfortunate.

In the “fortunate” column is the tendency the dachshunds have to hunt and kill rats. Penelope and Bella are particularly good at this endeavor.  Yesterday I let the dogs out while I checked eggs and fed the chickens.  When I was ready to get the dogs back in the house I discovered a present.I’m not sure who brought it to me but I am always grateful for the help with rodent control.