A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I really enjoy going to the grocery store. I know that is weird. I plan my menu, make my list, and check the sales and coupons.

Many people take advantage of the curbside pickup including both of our daughters. Not me. I like to go up and down every aisle and see what is available.

Recently there was an Oreo display in the frozen food section. I guess they thought Oreos and ice cream go together. There were several variations of the iconic cookie. I’m not sure why it needs any variation.

One package in particular caught my attention.

I picked it up and started to put it in my basket. Then I put it back and walked away.

I circled back and looked at the package again. There was something not right about this.

I consider myself a connoisseur of Black and White Cookies. My best friend in high school worked at a bakery that sold them. I visited the bakery regularly. After graduation, I moved to Texas where they did not have any equivalent of Black and Whites. Good Housekeeping magazine printed a recipe in a Christmas issue, and I have made them every year since.

I could not bring myself to buy a cookie that combined “my” Black and Whites with anything, even an Oreo.

Some things are perfect just as they are.