Peaceful Drummer Boy?

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Putting up Christmas decorations requires Christmas music. At least at our house.Thus began my search for a CD we bought last year entitled Peace on Earth. cd22698_w185It was not at the house so I figured I must have taken it to school.

Today I was at school getting all my materials together for my classes this week.  I planned to read the book The Little Drummer Boy to my Pre-K class, but I couldn’t find it.  512DmFU85GL__AA160_After an unsuccessful search in the L section of my classroom library, I remembered I was going to check to see if our Peace on Earth CD was in my classroom.  It was not.

So I went back to looking for Little Drummer Boy, which I found wedged in my copy of Little Rabbit Foo Foo.

All of this goes to prove that you cannot have The Little Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth in the same room.

As the mother of a percussionist, I should have known this.


2 Comments on “Peaceful Drummer Boy?

  1. Oh my, that was just too funny, Wrangler Sara…Drummer Boy and Peace on Earth. Son #2 did drums for awhile. Percussion is good for working out frustrations but hard on the rest of mortals. Enjoyed your story very much…not going to comment on the search you did to find the CDs…sounds like lots of times I’ve gone searching. Always in the last place, don’t ya know *Grin*

    • Glad you enjoyed the story! I must tell you, though, as hard as it is to live with a drummer, the scholarships he is being offered to study drumming a Hardin Simmons University next year make it worth it 🙂

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