A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The best part about holidays is having everyone at home, all three children, and all six dogs.

jengo14Included in the six dogs are Miller and Jengo, the occasional houseguests. Miller is a dachshund and fits right in with our pack. Jengo, however, is a beagle mix and still acts like a puppy. This can be a good thing.

For instance, he likes to chase the ball I throw for Tucker. If he gets to it first, then Tucker chases him and they both run around the back yard for a bit. This buys me a few more minutes as I’m feeding chickens in the morning. Jengo tends to wake up with lots of energy so taking laps around the back yard is a necessary part of his routine.

Then he likes to come in and play with the other dogs that may or may not want to play. Sadie will play for a bit and then she gets grumpy. So Jengo moves on to Bella who is eager to play for a few minutes but not nearly long enough for Jengo. Coco tends to stay completely away from him and Tucker is the supervisor of the pack. He barks at them when it is time to stop. Jengo doesn’t listen very well.

We watched the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” the other night. The story revolves around an alpha dragon that controls all other dragons in his nest except the baby dragons who listen to no one.

I decided that Tucker is our “alpha dragon” and Jengo is a baby dragon. He doesn’t listen to anyone. It is a good thing he is a cute “baby dragon”.