A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

One of my goals this summer was to learn to play the organ. My finger injury forced me to put that on hold.

Instead I tackled all the piles of things that appeared during the school year.  This included magazines most of which I had saved because they had recipes I wanted to try.

Along with children’s books and chickens I also collect recipes.  I tear them out of magazines, cut them out of the paper and print them from Facebook.  This has led to piles of papers to go with my piles of magazines and music.

I considered taking pictures of the recipes and storing them digitally on my phone.  There are two problems with this plan:

  1. My phone goes to sleep before I am finished with the recipe. I had this problem with a BBQ ribs recipe I was using on July 4th.  Trying to touch the screen often enough to keep it awake while cooking was more than I could handle.
  2. The phone does not fit on my recipe holder.

So I’ll keep my paper recipes and my transition into the 21st century will have to take a detour.