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My often neglected blog has been honored with a nomination for the One Lovely Blogger Award by my very good friend Forest and his human, Elaine Smothers (blogger and fellow WANAite). I’m awed to be considered lovely by anybody.

I did  a Google search for information on this award and found nothing of its origins. I did find lots of links to other bloggers who have earned the award and  choices for award badges here. The rules for accepting the award were easily located and involved nominations, thanks, and sharing.

  • Post the award badge. (not included with all explanations)
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post (an obvious requirement)
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for this honor (the number varied)
  • Share seven little known facts about yourself. (the part we all like best)

So I begin my acceptance with a big thank you to Forest and Elaine for the OLB nomination.  Everyone should check out their blog at Wonder in the Wild. It’s one of my favorite blogs.

Here’s the badge I selected.

The hardest part of accepting any blogger award is choosing blogger nominees. OLB is no exception. There are so many worthy blogs and bloggers.

The fifteen bloggers I’m nominating have interesting, informative and fun blogs. Stop by their sites and meet them. I know you’ll enjoy exploring and learning about them.

  1. Alina at Illuminations
  2. Ben at Not One Sparrow
  3. Bethany at Write by Bethany
  4. Ciara at Finding Treasures in Dreams
  5. Ellen at To Beyond and Back
  6. Ginger at I am Blogger Hear Me Tweet
  7. J. D. at Living with the Muse
  8. Jane at Janie Carver 2011
  9. Jennifer  at MuseTracks
  10. Kat at Kat Jorgensen
  11. Linda at Soldier, Storyteller
  12. Megan at Sortacrunchy
  13. Melissa at Melissa Ohnoutka
  14. Patricia at Masks the Book
  15. SJ at Come Sit By My Fire

Now, the fun part: seven little known facts about me.

  1.  I decided I only like wildlife from afar after this fellow came to lunch last week and refused to leave until the Area Wildlife Manager Thorpe came to shoo him away. Mr. Bear was only two feet from my dining room window.
  2. I love my early morning water aerobics workouts.
  3. I won’t eat avocados  or guacamole.
  4. I love all Harry Chapin’s songs. Especially Flowers Are Red and Cat’s in the Cradle  If you’ve never heard the songs you can listen on Youtube: Flowers are Red and Cat’s in the Cradle 
  5. I finally read a Nicholas Sparks novel, Dear John. Loved it!
  6. I’ve lived in AL, CO, CT, MS, NC, NM, TN, TX, VA, and WV. Only six of the nifty fifty are on my bucket list of places to see. I’ll let you guess which six. Hint: all but one are close to Canada.

Not one to follow always follow the rules, I’m going to leave #7, the last final fact, for you to ask what would you like to know about me. One caveat: I won’t tell you my weight, my age, or my address!

So, dear blog reader, it’s your turn. What would you like to know? Or, which six states do you think I’ve never been to?


13 Comments on “One Lovely Blog – Never too late to say Thanks

  1. Thanks for the mention – I feel very honoured. My question for you is… What’s your favourite place in all the world?

    • My favorite place in all the world…that’s toughie. I love Ireland, adore Colorado. It’s a toss-up. I love being coozied up next to a fireplace with a good book so both those places offer that opportunity. Thanks for stopping by the porch.

  2. Wow, sounds like you’ll have quite the summer in 2013! You’re most welcome for the nomination. Forrest and I always enjoy stopping by and sitting on the front porch for awhile. 😉

  3. Is one of them Montana? And where did you live in NC? I know that’s 2 questions, but I just had to ask!

    Forrest said he’d love a little wine if you have any left, but would pass on the guacamole. 😛

    • Montana is one of the states. We’re planning a trip there and to Idaho, N.Dakota, and Utah next summer. All new territory.
      We lived at Ft. Bragg, NC. Enjoyed that area a lot.
      Poor Forest the wine is gone. Next time I’ll save him some.
      Thanks for nominating me and thanks for stopping by the front porch today.

  4. Kudos on the blog award – how fun! I can guess one of the states you have yet to visit – Washington 🙂 Way not to panic with a bear in your front yard – egads I’d scare him away with by bawling 🙂 And my question —-one country in the world that’s on your MUST see list [that you have not yet seen] and why?

    • I’ve not yet visited YOU in Washington, but I’ve been there…before I knew you! We’ll be coming that way again. I love Washington state.
      The one country on my MUST see is Israel. I’d love to walk on those streets where such rich tradition and history unfolded.

      • Great Answer Judythe ~~I would not have guessed Israel. An amazing country and sooooooooooooo much history. Have only visited once but recall it fondly. 🙂

        • Now I’m having trip envy that you’ve been to Israel. btw, you were close on one of the states I haven’t been–it’s your neighbor Idaho.

  5. Congrats, Judythe! Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 Really, no avocados or guacamole?? Seriously, God’s gift to man 😛 I’ll skip the cilantro, though!

    • You’re welcome. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the guacamole and avocados, but I’m with you on the cilantro…a ittle goes a long way! Thanks for stopping by

  6. I can’t think of anyone who deserves the OLB award more than you, Judythe! And you honor me by passing it along to me. Thank you!

    One question — Let’s see — how about What wine did you drink last night? 😉

    • LOL You know me too well… We dined with a Colorado wine from Rocky Mtn Vineyard called RoadKill Red. Very sweet. Not so good with Chicken Caccaitore but not so bad with our cantalope and grapes. And has a lovely red bottle that will look great on my bottle tree!

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