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Last summer we got a new car – a 2017 white Honda Accord LX. We named her Gertrude the Great White Whale Take Two. I wrote a blog about it here.

During the recent hail storm I inadvertently left the trunk open. (Don’t ask)

Fortunately there is a liner in the trunk so I simply dipped out the water, took out the liner, and in a day of Texas sun, the trunk was completely dry.

The rest of the car, however, did not fare so well.



Because the trunk was open, the tail lights took direct hits from the hail.

The roof and hood also took a beating. A friend said it looked like a monkey went after it with a ball-peen hammer.

Even the trim has dents.

The insurance company said it was not worth fixing and declared it a loss. Poor Gertie!

We decided to keep her anyway. The inside is great and she still drives wonderfully. I figure this is a type of anti-theft insurance.

If someone is going to steal a car, chances are they won’t steal one with hail damage!