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I recently posted pictures of the silver and gold laced Wyandottes.  They are quite lovely. There are also other laced chickens.

This is a blue laced red Wyandotte..This is a splash laced red Wyandotte.Not to be outdone by the lacey chickens, here is a Welsummer rooster.  His feathers almost shimmer.  As with most species, he is more beautiful than the female Welsummer.

We hatched these birds from eggs we bought from a hatchery in a nearby town.  I think it was worth the drive and the money to add them to our flock.


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  1. The Welsummer rooster is quite beautiful. However, the roosters at my grandmother’s farm were so aggressive. Okay, downright mean. As a child I was terrified of them and my grandmother used to have to shoo them away before I would go into the chicken lot to feed them. Give me a 17 hand stallion any day over a rooster. They are much sweeter.

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