Miller Farm Friday – Morning Routines

A guest blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Letting chickens out has become part of our morning routine.

They are usually waiting at the door and quickly exit the coop.

Some run out while others fly. Those who sleep on the top roost sometimes take a few minutes to fly down and they have little control over where they land. It can be quite funny to watch them.

I’ve learned to stand out of every possible flight path.

Once they are in the chicken yard, some take a running/flying lap around as if to stretch their wings and legs. Their next order of business is a stop at the waterer.


Seeing them gathered reminds me of office workers catching up at the water cooler.

What is included in your morning routine?


4 Comments on “Miller Farm Friday – Morning Routines

  1. Connie, my chickens would be jealous. Their coop is functional but not fancy. Fortunately they don’t know anything different. We don’t have a duck pond but we did have a duck for a short while. He thought he was a chicken. We gave him to someone who has a pond and “he” promptly laid an egg. I guess you could say we have a “grand duck.” I’m not sure of the number of chickens we have either. It’s like trying to count toddlers 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy hearing about the chaos that is Miller Farm.

  2. I just spent a week in an office building with 30 teenagers at Mission Arlington so my morning routine was non existent. I’m very glad to be back to feeding and watering chickens and family. There is great comfort in routines.

  3. Sarah, I enjoy reading about your escapades with your creatures. My chicks and ducks are enclosed in about a 2000 sq.ft. of chicken wire and even across the top. they are free to go where they want, when the want, except the part that is wired off for garden. Often I see them almost drooling as they are looking into my garden. I try to clean the 12 chicken nests almost every day. My brother (who lives with me) built a chicken mansion. The next are high, large and easy to clean. Then I add water to the duck pond. Then go water my garden. have to get out very early to water the garden otherwise it get much to hot. I think I have over thirty chickens, about 16 are newbies, born this Spring and 11 ducks. They won’t line up for a count but I think that is what is out there. Connie Pratt

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