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Somewhere in our family history there must have been an expert in animal husbandry. That is the only explanation for our fascination with having baby animals.

We started with a leopard gecko-breeding colony complete with incubator in the closet. There was even a thermostat on the incubator to control temperature, which determined the sex of the baby lizards.

After the reptile phase, we moved into a rodent phase – the rodents being guinea pigs. We had around 30 of them at one time and even won some awards at local guinea pig shows.

Now we are in our fowl phase, and we are hatching eggs regularly.

The latest batch is the offspring of Samson and assorted chickens. Samson is our feather-footed rooster.

It was no surprise that the chicks have feathered feet.  The crown of feathers on their head is what makes them interesting.

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I think they look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

Do you agree?