Miller Farm Friday

My latest email from the Miller Farm


 In a feed store parking lot next to trailers full of cows waiting for my chicken feed

Standing two feet from thousands of bees while filling a waterer

And the latest addition:

Laying under a car in my driveway wearing a Vera Bradley floral apron while holding some piece of the car up while Beekeeper Brian puts in bolts.

I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, which is good since nobody else would want it 😉

With talent like this, I’m not sure any one would be able to trade places with Chicken Wrangler Sara.

The following reply arrived from my other daughter (who takes her children to Miller Farm on field trips) minutes later …

One question:  why were the cows waiting for your chicken feed????? LOL

I know three kids (OK, 2 1/2) who would take your life any day of the week…we had a blast!  

Stick my hand inside to get the egg!?

A short exchange this week, but one that raises a great, thought-provoking question: Would I trade my life?

My answer: Not for all the tea in China.

YOUR TURN: How would you answer?


4 Comments on “Miller Farm Friday

  1. So why were the cows waiting for her chicken feed? 🙂 I wouldn’t trade my life for another’s but I’m not sure anybody would choose mine as tradeworthy.

    • So why were the waiting? I think it’s what we call a misplaced participle or dangling participle. The cows were occupying the truck next to her not waiting on chicken feed. She comes by the grammar error honestly. I’m not good with those misplaced phrases either. Drives my critique partners and story editors crazy!

  2. Somedays I feel like I’d want to trade my life, but then a quick scan of all that I’d miss snaps me out of it. 😉 Even though things have been extraordinarily rough this year, I couldn’t imagine living any other life.

    • I think you’re right. Some days we all look at other people’s lives and see something we wish we had in our world, but then like you say we look at what we have and change our minds.

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