Me and My Shadow

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We had a respiratory illness go through our flock this summer.  Several of our chickens succumbed including one of my favorites – Millie, the D’Uccle.

I was very sad. It happened the same week the snails ate my marigolds.  It was a bad week.

I’m getting over my losses with the help of the other remaining D’Uccle.

I’ve named her Lily.

She follows me around in the morning when I feed the chickens.   It is very sweet. She makes me smile. 🙂


2 Comments on “Me and My Shadow

  1. Chickens can be fragile. Unless you have lots of chicken experience, it is hard to recognize signs of illness. We happen to have lots of chicken experience but were still unable to prevent this outbreak. You can enjoy chickens vicariously through Miller Farm.

  2. I understand. My only chicken, an Easter gift named Shadow, died of a respiratory illness. I am still haunted by this. Did I not see it coming? Was I remiss? Since it was over half a century ago, I need to give it up. However, Shadow was so sweet.

    Hence, I don’t raise chickens now. Can I just depend on you for eggs?

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