A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

One of the chicks I brought home from school disappeared last week. I looked everywhere and didn’t find nary a feather.  I was concerned mostly because I was afraid the kids at school would ask about the chicks and I would have to confess to losing one.

The other morning Max was very intently looking at the pen where the chicks had been staying with the rooster.  He started growling and I figured there must be something there.

I hesitantly entered the coop fearful that I would encounter a snake.  I saw a bunch of white feathers under the coop and realized they were attached to a bird.

I carefully lifted the coop, thinking the bird was surely dead.  I was wrong.  The poor chick wiggled out from under the coop and stumbled over to the water.

I was pleasantly surprised.  I kept an eye on it and made sure there was plenty of water and food.  It seems to be none the worse for the experience.

I’m glad Max was insistent.  He gets credit for saving a chicken.  He only needs to rescue 6 more to replace all the chickens Bella has caught over the years.

And now I can honestly report that all the chicks are doing well.