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When I went to unroll the hose to refill the duck pond this morning, I encountered a lizard. It was an anole to be exact.

I explained to him that I needed the hose and perhaps he should move. He was not convinced. I moved the hose and he jumped onto my foot.

As I began to walk, he moved to the ground. When I returned, he was waiting by the spigot. He seemed very happy when the hose was returned.

It reminded me of a children’s book – Lizard’s Song.

Lizard is quite happy living on a rock and spends his day singing “Zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli rock is my home, rock is my home!”

His friend Bear loves this song and begs Lizard to teach it to him.

After many tries, the Bear is still unable to remember the song. Lizard suggests that perhaps Bear change the words to “cave is my home, cave is my home.”

This works and Bear goes on his way singing “Zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli cave is my home.”

It is a sweet reminder to be happy with what we have. It also got a song stuck in my head this morning – Zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli, zoli hose is my home, hose is my home.”

It is fun to think of our three children singing this song as they read this. You’re welcome!