The temperature here in the San Luis Valley is warming. There’s no danger of running into bad weather going through the mountain passes, which means it’s time to take mini-breaks from writing and explore.???????????????????????????????

Last weekend, we loaded the four-legged boys into the Pilot and headed over Poncha Pass to Salida, a small town on the edge of the Arkansas River.


If you’re into rafting, Salida is the place to go. Rafting tours range from mild to wild class 5 rapids. There’s kayaking and, of course, trout fishing and bicycling.

???????????????????????????????It’s still a little cold for water sports so we walked around the city streets visiting shops and stopped for lunch at a coffee shop.???????????????????????????????

Afterward we went down to the City Park and walked our four-legged boys along the river paths. ???????????????????????????????

You can see the rapid chute in the background. We can’t wait to come back to take a rafting tour.

The best part of the visit was finding a little free library as we wandered around the streets looking at the wonderful old houses.

little free libraryRead all about the 5,276th Little Free Library at the corner of Airport Road and Silver Spruce here.

I was so excited, then so sad I hadn’t thought to bring along any of my books to add to the library.

This wasn’t the first little free library I’d seen. There’s one two houses down from my cousin’s house in Austin.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, you can read all about the movement to erect little libraries in communities here.

I love the idea of “take a book, return a book.” Unfortunately, there’s no little library here in my small town. If my house weren’t so far off in the woods, I’d build one and share my stash of books.

We do have the Feelin’ Good Coffeehouse & Café. Inside, there’s a large bookcase with books spilling over on the floor where you can take a book from the shelf and leave one.The bonus is you get great coffee and food!