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Our church recently hosted our annual Spring Break Bible Camp.  It has evolved over the years, and now we meet at the land where our building will be. This year we have a pavilion so the threat of rain was not worrisome.

One of the activities is run by a family that has developed a science curriculum.  Actually, it is more than just a curriculum.  They have renovated an Airstream to be a mobile science lab.  It is really neat to see this program expand. https://www.sciencebetweenthepages.com/homepage.html

They planned projects to reinforce the concept taught at the beginning of the evening.

Tuesday night we talked about how we cannot see God but can see evidence that He is there.  It is like the wind so for our science project, the younger students made wind socks. The older kids made anemometers.

That was a new word for me and I have tried to use it as often as possible.  An anemometer is a device that measures wind speed.

We used two straws, four small dixie cups, a pencil, and a straight pin. It was so  fun!

I was reminded of our principal who always encourages students to be lifelong learners.  I, for one, am taking his advice to heart.