A Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

hens2Dearest Ladies,

I have noticed some undesirable habits in the chicken yard lately and wanted to remind you of the rules and procedures of Miller Farm.

  1.  Do not peck at my hand when I am getting eggs.  I know my hand has been cold these last two weeks, and I am sure it is uncomfortable for your warm underside. However, this is the hand that feeds you.
  2. While we are on the topic of feeding, remember I feed you – you feed me.  That’s the way it goes.  I do my job every day when I give you food and you are to do your job by laying eggs.  And please leave the shells intact. I prefer to crack them myself so do not do it for me.
  3. Do not poop on my head when I am in the coop and you are perched up high.  The screaming and flailing that would ensue would be unpleasant for everyone concerned.
  4. A note to the roosters:  Be quiet or be dinner.  Do you remember the three noisy guys that disappeared last month?
  5. Do not fly over the fence in any direction.  The grass may appear greener, but the dangers are greater. Bella is just waiting for someone to come “play” with her.

We have done our best during the last few months to protect you from chicken-eating possums and deadly hawks.  We only ask that you follow these simple rules.

Thank you,

Chicken Wrangler Sara