A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

We have an amaryllis in our front yard.  This year it has bloomed twice and is particularly lovely.

Last week we had a horrible hail storm.  Beekeeper Brian was at work, so I was home alone and it was loud and scary.

As I watched out the front window, the gutter came down.

It was disconcerting to say the least.

The insurance adjuster came by yesterday, and we are getting a new roof and gutter.

My only question to him was – can we take the gutter all the way down now?  He assured me that was fine as he had pictures.

It will be a relief not to have that reminder hanging off the roof.

Meanwhile, when I walk through the living room I can see out the window the fallen gutter and the amaryllis.

I realized this morning how hard it is to look past the gutter to see the amaryllis.  The gutter is much closer and represents a very scary time.  But if I focus really hard, I can see the amaryllis which is quite beautiful and makes me smile.This is very much how life is right now.  The things that are closest – the pandemic, the civil unrest – are scary and hard to see past.  But if I focus really hard, I can trust there will be beauty beyond it all.

For now, I will choose to look at the amaryllis.