A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

I have a tendency not to take things very seriously – including myself.  Perhaps it started in my first music education class when the teacher told us to leave our inhibitions at the door.  During that semester we danced, played, sang, and played instruments as if we were school children.

At that moment I knew I had chosen the right career.

I realized as we spent time with our children last week, that I just might have passed on some of those goofy traits.  I went shopping with Rachel and we ended up with Thanksgiving headbands.  She is, after all, a kindergarten teacher!

Catherine is a mother of two, a private oboe teacher, and a professional musician.  We took family pictures at Thanksgiving.  My favorite part of the picture is this:

I am wearing pumpkin pie socks and she is wearing Christmas socks.

I suppose I could leave a more serious legacy…. Nah.  This is much more fun.

Matt and Brian do not always join in the goofiness.  Someone has to keep order.  I’m just glad it isn’t me.