Totes are usually free. I guess that’s why we accumulate them. I must have fifty or more.

I love winning loaded totes at silent auctions. I’m thrilled to attend a conference or fair and receive a tote  with goodies. Then I get home and have to wonder what do I do with them?

There are the shopping totes.

These are useful. I refuse to feel guilty about the dozens that live in both cars.

Living in Colorado, where we had to travel over an hour to do grocery shopping, I needed the insulated ones. Here in Texas, living with heat and high temperatures, I still use them.

The recycle tote I use to collect items to carry to the bin. It’s necessary and functional too.

Definitely a keeper.

The totes I wonder about are all the rest. The ones that sit in a large canvas bag at the back of the pantry.

There were two large canvas bags full. We gave away totes with purchases at our moving garage sale. People were thrilled to get them. I was more thrilled to see the stash of totes diminish.

I keep (and use) favorites like ones from writer conferences I’ve attended. I do admit I carry those to writing meetings with pride.

One tote keeps all my needlework work projects and makes it easy to find when I’m in the mood to do embroidery. Another tote carries my iPad to doctor or dentist appointments.

The bag with grandkids handprints and the one Chicken Wrangler Sara made from a chicken feed bag – those I could never get rid of it.

But the rest, well, I’m not so sure. Do I really need them?

There’s another issue too. As totes are known to do, they’ve starting to multiply again. So how many totes is enough?

YOUR TURN: What do you do with all your totes?