A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

The turkey has decided he does not like me.  In fact, he puts his head down and charges me every time I am in the chicken yard.  He has even flown at me a couple of times.

I now carry a stick to shoo him away. He has never followed me into the chicken coop – yet.

Last week I was cleaning out the nest boxes in the chicken coop.  Of course, the grumpy chicken was sitting in one and kept pecking at me as I shoveled the mess out.

The turkey was standing just outside the door watching as I threw the dirty shavings out of the coop.  He took that as a personal attack and flew at the door.

It was most disconcerting.

I threw some clean shavings at him and he backed away.

With my heart still racing, I picked up the grumpy chicken and threw her out of the coop.

I was ready for her to charge back in and attack my legs but she went around the corner.  The turkey followed her.

I am afraid they are conspiring against me.

I think I need hazard pay.