A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

Monday was rough on Miller Farm.  Rachel summed it up best on a Facebook post:

“We said goodbye to Tucker today. The toy hoarding, fetch-loving, snuggly dachshund who started an entire chapter in our lives. He was the first inside dog, the first dachshund, and the first dog to sleep in my parents’ bed. Who knew 16.5 years ago when I asked for a puppy that we would end up with 6 dachshunds!”

It was quite sad.  Even the sky was crying raindrops.

There is some comfort in thinking he will rejoin Bella, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently.

Rachel told us yesterday at breakfast she saw a cardinal on the back fence on Tuesday.  It was the first one to appear in our backyard this year.

She reminded us of the tradition that says cardinals represent the soul of a departed loved one.  Whether or not that is true, God used that cardinal to bring comfort to her and thereby to us.

Farewell, Tucker Pup.

Your legacy lives on in your son Max and daughter Penelope.