A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara

We recently put a lock on our gate into the backyard after we found it open. Fortunately, Max had not gotten far and he knows he has a good deal here so he came right back.

No one knows who opened the gate but no one can open it again without a key.

This is slightly inconvenient for the city workers who need to access our backyard for various reasons. There is a power pole that needs to be replaced and it has required multiple visits from multiple entities including the gas company and the power company.

One of the men who came to the door asked if it was safe to go into the backyard. I assured him we would keep the dogs inside. He explained he was not concerned about the dogs. I figured he was asking about the bees which were also not a threat.

It turns out he was most worried about the chickens. I almost laughed and then I realized we did have this sign in the window:

I promised him the chickens would not bother him. It’s good to know our sign is effective – at least as far as the gasman was concerned.