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It is not uncommon to get pecked on the hand while gathering eggs. This can be very disconcerting at first but I am not bothered by it much anymore – except for Grumpy Chicken.

She is a black top hat bird who has left marks on my hands. She even started pecking me when I was gathering eggs from the nest box next to her.  This is totally unacceptable.

The rule on Miller Farm is “I feed you and you feed me.” Grumpy chicken protested this arrangement regularly.

I used Rachel’s technique of throwing Grumpy Chicken out of the nest box before gathering eggs.  The first time I did this, she pecked at my feet.  The muck shoes must have been harder on her beak than my hand because she only did that once.

Then we started playing the game “get all the eggs before Grumpy Chicken gets back in the nest boxes.” I got really good at it.

I guess Grumpy Chicken is a sore loser because she doesn’t play anymore.  In fact today when I went out, she was not even in a nest box.

Chicken Wrangler Sara – 1

Grumpy Chicken – 0