Recently I supervised my daughter’s two dogs and three teenagers while she and her husband went on a business trip.

My two dogs came along with me. That brought the total to four dogs – Buster (on the couch), Daisy (behind the couch), Sully (on the hassock) and Finnegan (on the floor) plus three teenagers, who shall remain nameless.It was quite an adventure.

We were up and out the door between 6:30 and 7:00 a.m. each day. My two dogs were loaded in the car. Daisy secured in her kennel. We strategically blocked the fourth dog, Sully, from running out into the yard and refusing to come inside when we opened the door to exit.

That only happened once.

I simply herded all the teens back inside and Sully came to the kitchen door eager to be with us. We only lost a few minutes. Thank you to my excellent dog obedience trainer who shared that advice.

Mealtimes together were a different story with the kids’ varied schedules. I was determined we should sit down for one supper meal together the way we did back in the dark ages when their parent was a teenager. It was a challenge.

We did manage it once, but it was the faster meal on record. Two literally inhaled their homemade wraps and headed out for their evening activities-drama practice and workout at the fitness gym. The other dashed upstairs to do homework.

Cellphone and electronic turn-in happened at 10:30 pm. The hour was a bit later than my regular bedtime and when I attempted my usual reading in bed, I fell asleep after one page.

I told their parents not to worry it would be easy peasy. And it was. The teens had their routines and only needed an adult around in case something weird happened. Which it didn’t.

It was fun to be involved with their everyday routines even for a few days. I definitely have a new appreciation of the task of raising teenagers that my daughter and son-in-law face.

I’m ready to go again. Well, maybe after a day or two of rest.