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Teachers went back to work this week. We always have training before the students start. Most teachers resent having to spend their valuable time sitting through training when they would rather be setting up their classrooms.

As a music teacher, the trainings are often irrelevant, and I struggle to find a use for the information. This year the first day was a 6-hour workshop on classroom management – an area I can always improve. I was more excited than usual to start back to work.

Before the training, we were each handed a big tote bag full of stuff. I glanced through it and settled in at the computer for the training.

Partway through the morning, we were instructed to take out a small lunch bag from the larger tote. Within that lunch bag was a harmonica!

I was thrilled!

This particular classroom management strategy uses a harmonica to get students’ attention. The presenter gave all the scientific reasons behind the strategy, but I didn’t pay attention.

I was too distracted by the fact that every teacher was now going to have a harmonica. I was also busy playing the beginning of Piano Man – a song I have been working on with one of my piano students.

This is a very good start to 2021-22!