A Blog By Chicken Wrangler Sara

Beekeeper Brian and I were married August 15, 1987.  In November of 1987 we purchased our first car – a 1987 Honda Accord LX. We named her Gertie the Great White Whale, or GGWW.Gertie carried three babies home from the hospital.  She and Curtis the Camel Car were our means of transportation until we moved to Mexico in 1997.

Since moving back from Mexico we have owned many cars of many makes and models. The three babies have grown up and learned to drive.  Some of the cars have gone to live with our children.  Most recently Catherine and Caleb purchased the Honda Fit I had been driving.  Brian and I began the hunt for a new car for me to drive.

Rachel has moved closer to where she is attending graduate school and Bill has graduated from high school, returned to China and will attend college in Denton.  This means that Brian and I are once again alone in the house.

The car we purchased to replace the Honda Fit is a 2017 Honda Accord LX. Brian named it Gertie the Great White Whale Take Two or GGWWTT. We have come full circle.